Three Stones

Three Stones is named for the three stone pillars that rise up over the canyon that were carved by hands older then humanity. It began as a place where the Agasha came to study and commune with the kami. In time though it became a small village, that survived off of the narrow path that snakes from the lower lands of the Kitsuki into the highlands of the Mirumoto. The hot springs that jet up here keeps the village warm and alive from the fish who live in the underground rivers.

The village boasts a number of stone smiths, and is a stop off for the caravans between the Kitsuki low lands and their upper lands, as well as a number of Murimoto caravans. As such, its stables are sizable and it is one of the few places where fresh fish can be gotten within the Dragon Lands. There is also a very cozy warm springs within the show.

Three Stones is just before a bottle neck, and in times of war those of the lower lands will flee through Three Stones.


  • Lady Kitsuki Rukku, rules from the minor holding of Furui Ishi (Old Stone) Castle.
  • Lord Kistuki Shisen, rules from the sizable Narrow Pass Stables.
  • Lady Kitsuki Gyousou, rules from the mysterious Deep Well Keep.

Three Stones

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