The Phoenix Clan

Clan Champion: Shiba Tsukune

Elemental Council: Naka Kuro, Isawa Taeruko and Isawa Hochiu.

The Phoenix Clan is known throughout Rokugan for their skilled shugenja and mastery of elemental magic. The Phoenix are also noted pacifists, preferring diplomacy to war if at all possible. The Phoenix presence in the courts of the land is not great as their courtiers are relatively few, although they are not isolationists like the Dragon Clan. The Phoenix Clan was founded by the Kami Shiba, while the family of his vassal Isawa, generally ran the affairs of the clan.

During the Clan Wars, the Phoenix Clan worked tirelessly to try and maintain peace in the Empire, and as their plans were undermined and their efforts unraveled, the Elemental Council instead turned their greatest minds towards trying to understand the source of this rise in corruption. They began opening all of their Black Scrolls, great sources of power and links to the mysterious Fu Leng and learned much of the nature of the Shadowlands and the rise of the corruption. In doing so though, the Elemental Council is corrupted almost completely, oni are summoned and the fire of madness begins to grow within the Council. In the end, the a younger Shiba Tsukune ends the research and urges action towards saving the Empire and forces the Council into motion rather then wallowing in their madness.

However, the Scrolls power is great and it gained the attention of Yogo Junzo, who leads his Horde of Shadowlands Creatures upon the Isawa Capital, and takes back the scrolls. In his madness the Master of Fire burns his own capital down and destroys the greatest library in the Empire and destorys many shugenja of the Phoenix as well.

When the Clan wars came to a head, the Master of Fire is confronted on the Second Day of Thunder, the Council’s Hubris given a mad form, and he slays the Clan Champion, the Master of Water and Air before the Master of Earth, Isawa Tadaka manages to slay him. He redeems the Elemental Council and the Phoenix by becoming the Phoenix Clan Thunder. With his death, the last of the corruption of the Element Council is laid to rest.

The Phoenix Clan is on the brink of extinction, their great school is depleted of students and the Elemental Council only had one member left, but in grief Isawa Kaede has disappeared, leaving the Council abandoned. The former Isawa, Naka Kuro returns to his Clan and takes up as leader of the council, and working with the New Champion Tsukune, the Phoenix are rebuilding their castles, their armies and their magical potential. The schools are open to all who wish to learn magic, regardless if your ronin, low birth or form any other Clan, but you must swear fealty to the Phoenix to learn.

  • By 1133 the Phoenix have largely kept to the concepts of peace in the growing stress in the Empire. However, they too have become embroiled in the conflict of the Mantis with their shipping lanes under assault. If not for the Moshi this assault would still continue. With the appointment of the Elemental Master of Fire, the Isawa continue to gain more clout. Now that they have, unexpecantly, become the Imperial Treasurers the shipping lanes being open in their lands have been a great advantage for them.
  • By 1145, the Phoenix find themselves at war with the Mantis and the Dragon, loosing face from one and territory from the other. The bloodied nose they gained from Kitsu Motso is also a harsh blow to them. However, kharama is on their side, for the final Elemental Master has been discovered.

Allies: The Crane Clan.

Rivals: The Mantis Clan and . The Dragon Clan

The Phoenix Clan

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