The Minor Clans

The Minor Clans of the Empire are much smaller then the Great Clans. These smaller clans often try to escape the notice of the often war obbessed great clans. They have duties handed down from the Emperors and most Minor Clans tend to these tasks as reclusivly as possible.

That was until the Minor Clan Alliance. Yoritomo’s ambitious maneuver changed much for the Minor Clans. They gained respect, did things that even great clans seemed unable to do when the world was cast into chaos. As such, many minor clans have started to shuffle from obscurity or the brink of extinction in the Age of Man.

Be on the look out for these nearly forgotten or hidden minor clans that exist in obscurity, while others rise to the stand on the stage.

Current Minor Clans:

Badger Clan: Champion: Ichiro Kihongo – The Badger Clan is a minor clan charged with the defense of the Empire’s northern border.

  • By 1133 the Badger’s numbers swelled after the Clan Wars, and they have mostly kept to themselves further settling their lands. Their Samurai often are seen selling their services for coin.
  • By 1145, they are the only minor clan not under Crab rule or havinging joined the Mantis Clan or the Mantis Rebellion. As such, it has gained them some recognition, but also placed them in a fragile position. In a time when minor clans are weak, they may be seen as easy pickings by other forces.

Centipede Clan: Champion: Moshi Wakiza – The Centipede Clan are dedicated wholly to the worship of Lady Sun.

  • By 1133 they have joined the Mantis, they are no longer considered a Minor Clan.

Falcon Clan: Champion: Toritaka Genzo – The Falcon found their meaning in life, studying the nature of ghosts and other supernatural occurrences.

  • By 1133 the spirit hunters apparently gained the wrath of a powerful spirit who took reprisal upon this minor clan. Rumor states that only a handful remain, and that they are on the verge of extinction.
  • By 1145 they are fully accepted members of The Crab Clan.

Fox Clan: Champion: Kitsune Ryosei – The Fox were to be the caretakers of the Ki-Rin (later known as the Unicorn) Clan while they explored the world, however, due to Lion aggression the Clan was relocated after a generation. They instead collected a grand library for the Ki-Rin Clan, so that they could understand all that changed while they were away. When they returned, the Fox remained removed from the Unicorn and tend to their forest in the southern Empire.

  • By 1133 with the Mantis on the rise, the Fox have stepped away from them, but not the other Minor Clans. They are the new heart and soul of the Minor Clan Alliance. The doors to their libraries have been opened to the Phoenix, in return for the a deal made with the Unicorn.
  • By 1145 they have been colonized by The Crab Clan. A tense place with the Fox feeling caged and oppressed and the Crab taking what they will/need.

Dragonfly Clan: Champion: Tonbo Toryu – The Dragonfly Clan serve as an intermediary to anyone who wishes to visit with the very private Dragon Clan.

  • By 1133, as ever the face of the Dragon. They have enjoyed a golden age of peace and prosperity. Though the Prophecy weighs heavy on their minds. Many look at the mounting tension with apprehension, and the Champion, under the guidance of the Dragon Champion, has sent his Dragonfly out into the Empire to try and sow the seeds of peace for as long as they can.
  • By 1145 the minor clan has been all but exterminated by The Lion Clan, leaving a handful of their members alive, their lands ruined and their parent clans at war and left mostly unable to assist them.

Sparrow Clan: Champion: Suzume Yugoki – The Sparrow follow a code of honorable poverty rigorously.

  • By 1133 the Sparrow have been trying to do what they can for the Minor Clan Alliance, but their lands and people are not so prosperous, and what wealth they gain they must give away. The story tellers travel the lands, brining news of heroism and peace making, but also of bloodshed the more time goes on.
  • By 1145, the minor clan has been colonized by The Crab Clan, and offer no resistance, giving freely what little they had to give to the Clan’s ceaseless demands to hold the wall.

Tortoise Clan: Champion: Kasuga Kemmei – The Tortoise Clan are considered Stewards of the Hantei and over see the protection of the Bay of the Golden Sun. They have a bad reputation as smugglers.

  • By 1133 the Tortoise have closely allied themselves with the Phoenix, as they control the treasury. They have also managed to remain unmolested by the Mantis with all their trading, which has made the Great Clans turn to them to send cargo as of late.
  • By 1145 the minor Clan has faced many setbacks after a golden age of prosperity. The minor clan finds few allies now and more often open hostility from the Dragon and Phoenix clans. The Mantis have been approaching the minor clan into joining their growing numbers.

Wasp Clan: Champion: Tsuruchi – The Wasp were created with the intention of training Emerald Magistrates.

  • By 1133 they have joined the Mantis, they are no longer considered a Minor Clan.

Bee Clan: A clan that is based around the promotion of art, their task is to judge art impartially and present it to the rest of the Empire as such.

  • By 1145 most of the great clans still over look the Bee, only calling upon them for great displays of the arts.

Lost Minor Clans:
Boar Clan: Died out very suddenly centuries ago.

Hare Clan: Destroyed, just before the Scorpion Clan Coup, by the Scorpion for practicing blood magic.

Snake Clan: Destroyed by the Phoenix Clan, for indulging in blood magic.

Tanuki Clan: Disbanded by the Empeor, to erase a Clan he considered as an embarrassment to his grandfather’s name. The Clan was never found to be informed that they were disbanded.

The Minor Clans

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