The Crab Clan

Clan Champion: Hida Kisada now Hida O-Ushi.

The Crab Clan serve as the Defenders of the Empire. They spend their lives upon the Carpenter Wall, standing vigilant along the southwestern border of Rokugan to defend against the next attack from the Shadowlands. The Crab Clan was founded by the Kami Hida. Every day, the Crab warriors give their lives defending the Wall so that the people of the other clans might live in peace and security. The Crab value this duty above everything, even honor. They might be gruff, unkempt and downright rude at times, but no one questions their strength or courage.

During the Clan Wars the Crab made an ambitious play, led by the Great Bear Hida Kisada, by trying to seize the throne form what they viewed as a weak Emperor. The Crab dreamed of a united and strong Empire that would focus fully on destroying the Shadowlands for all times. The Crab however lacked enough strength to take the throne on their own, and entered into an alliance with the Shadowlands, thinking that they alone had the knowledge and ability to control the nightmarish denizens of the Shadowlands horde. This folly led to the corruption of the Crab and their great fall.

Ultimately the Crab’s bid for power was defeated when Hida Kisada discovered that Hantei the 39th was possed by Fu Leng. In this confrontation, the Great Bear was lethally wounded by the Ancestral Sword of the Hantei. Fortunatly, his son and the Crab Clan Thunder Hida Yakamo was there to save his father and aid the wounded Clan Champion fall back. Yakamo, who had been corrupted by an instrument of evil, called the Oni’s Claw, and realizing his Clan’s folly he tore the device off the stump of his arm and vowed to redeem the Crab. In that moment, Togashi Yokuni appeared before the Crab Thunder and gave him the Jade Hand to aid in his quest.

Hida Yakamo died in the Second Day of Thunder, the fourth Thunder to all, his death cleansing the stain of corruption from the Crab.

In the aftermath of the Day of Thunder, rule of the Crab Clan remains in the hands of the crippled Great Bear, Hida Kisada and supposedly is slowly dying from his wound. The Crab have pulled all of their forces back to the wall, much of their strength was corrupted and slain on the Second Day of Thunder, however, their reserve of troops that held the wall remain intact and at full strength. Even half spent and with Kisada hovering closer to death each day, the Crab remain one of the strongest armies in the Empire.

  • The Crab have been focusing all of their resources on fortifying the wall, and were bolstered by the the Naga who arrived and threw their support behind the Crab’s defenses.
  • The Dragon of Mirumoto Yoku’s Unit and the vassal family of Shittai arrived to support the Crab, along with a timely arranged marriage the Dragon created a solid alliance with the Crab.
  • By 1133 the Crab Clan – With the death of Kisada, the Crab have begun to upgrade and refortify the wall and its defenses. They have even strengthened their harbors, and began repairing former fortifications that had been abandoned. With the Naga at their side they are said to have begun intense magic research and the training of their armies seems to be how the vast majority of the samurai are spending their time. Besides the Naga, Dragon and the Mantis, the Crab have mostly withdrawn from the rest of the Empire, focusing on their intensely costly work. They are praising their new Fortune, Kisada Fortune of Persistence, something only the Dragon have accepted outside of the Crab.
  • By 1145 the Crab control almost all of the south regardless of what lands belong to who, only the Scorpion, the supper Southern Crane and Mantis territories remain beyond their colonization. With the repelling of the largest Shadowlands invasion since the Clan Wars the Crab are securing their hold on the south, allowing the rest of the Empire to do as it must.

Allies: The Dragon Clan.

Rivals: The Crane Clan and The Minor Clans.

The Crab Clan

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