High Slope Farms

These higher slopes are built on narrow terraces that cover the high sloped farms. This is not so much as a village as a sprawling series of farms. This rice helps to feed the Mirumoto.

The high slopes, have a history shares with Gentle Slope Farms, however their terraces and landscapes are much more defensible, and thus are held during sieges. As such, the holdings of the Samurai tend to be much more stalwartly built.

The lands have a number of small shrines dedicated to minor fortunes of the Dragon Lands are scattered about, as well to the Fortune Inari.

  • A Tattooed man was murdered in the fields by Togashi Okkio. His tattoos stolen by the madman.


  • Lord Mirumoto Rando, rules from the steadfast Estates of Perseverance.
  • Lady Kisuki Riku, rules from the wealthy stronghold of Adamant Keep.
  • Lady Kistuki Rikujou, rules from modest holding of the House of Stone.

High Slope Farms

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