Gentle Slope Farms

This is not a village, but a stretch of farms. These farms are built into the gentle sloping hills of the Dragon Lands. To outsiders, these hills are steep and treacherous, to the Dragon they are are gentle. These farms help to feed the Kitsuki.

These lands have typically born the brunt of the ferocity of the Lion Clan when it invades. As such, the lands have been built to quickly be abandoned in the shadow of an approaching army to fall back to a more defensible position, with the samurai buying time for the peasantry and great lords to get to safety.

Inari’s shrines are plentiful here, as well to many of the memorials to the brave defenders of The Dragon Clan who gave their lives to buy others time.

  • Mirumoto Yoku sent 20 men down this path trying to reach Boarder Check Point Station, sadly they never made it. They were ambushed by bandits, suspecting to be the Knives of Yugoro. They use poison and managed to kill 8 of the men, and injured 10 others before Yoku’s forces withdrew.
  • The raiders of Knives of Yugoro are fought off here by the forces of Toi Koku, freeing the road from the grips of bandits.


  • Lord Kistuki Dorei, rules from the meager Fort of the Courageous.
  • Lord Kisuki Shiyounin, rules from the strategic holding of the Barracks of the Last Stand.
  • Lady Kistuki Kerai, rules from the poultry the Battlements of the Glorious Death.
  • Lord Mirumoto Tou, rules from the minor Tower of Duty.

Gentle Slope Farms

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