Descending Village

The Descending Village is an old town, who’s purpose has changed with the leadership. The town had settled around a number of towers that once were part of a larger military installation built along side the southern mountain face. The pragmatic Mirumoto wished to have a series of towers they could fall back to should an army ever advance beyond its fortress towers where Shiro Kitsuki now sits.

It also served as one of the largest coal mines in the whole of the Dragon Lands, until the Agasha settled more of the inner mountain range and found a second source that dwarfed these mines.

However two events would later shape this military outpost of the Mirumoto. Firstly was an earthquake that had swallowed much of the original installation. They quickly began to try and repair the few towers that remained and worked hard to refortify the main portion of the keep. Secondly, the Kitsuki family came into being and power less then a generation later, and thus the restoration was left unfinished with only a few of the towers rebuilt. Thus the town changed from a military outpost and into its modern purpose.

This village now is designed to help patrol and offer aid to pilgrims who would try and travel the roads of the Dragon. A number of very experienced guides and caravan masters live here, offering their aid to travelers and local lords alike. The coal mines are mined still, but much of the original mines were lost due to the earthquake.


  • Lord Kitsuki Kou, rules indomitable stronghold of Watchful Steps Fortress.
  • Lady Kitsuki Kimi, rules from the meager holding of The Tower of the Vigilant Man.
  • Lord Agasha Shu, rules a trio of towers called The Ember Spires.

Descending Village

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