The Mantis Clan

Clan Champion: Yoritomo

The Mantis Clan is one of the Great Clans of Rokugan. Prior to the Second Day of Thunder, they could boast of being the oldest Minor Clan in the Empire, though they were not officially recognized as such.

Continuing in such a fashion, many a samurai would argue, the Mantis Clan claims that they were offered the status of a great Clan when the Thunders gathered for the Second Day of Thunder, in service of standing with the Thunders. However, since the battle ended, and the Great Clans have returned to their lands, and with the Thunders dead, many of the Great Clans have turned their back on such a promise, if indeed there ever was one.

Now the Mantis press for the position that is being denied them by the Great Clans. The Dragon Clan remains their only ally and they have recognized the claim as valid. The Minor Clans have aided and used what little influence they have to support their former kin.

  • by 1133 the Mantis have now bound their Clan together with the Wasp and the Centipede, giving them plenty of land held ares. They hold the former Scorpion held lands, but their numbers are spread thin. The few skirmishes along the Crane and Lion boarders have all resulted with Mantis victories, but their true power is on the seas, where they strike mainly at the Crane Clan. Their navel advantage may be negated on land, but they have yet to take their strife to any Clan on land, only holding their lands.

The Mantis fleets now swell and remain the truest power within seas of Rokugan.

  • By 1145 the Mantis have gained much and lost much. Their numbers have swollen, and their islands have plenty and are not able to be touched by the Great Clans, however this does not gain the respect their Champion desires. Yoritomo’s choice to bring his adoptive son to the for front, while his daughter continues her training to become a samurai was controversial, and sparked a war with the remains of the Scorpion, however the Mantis lord purged a number of elements within his own ranks he called traitors, and ensured his people that they were free from the Kolat.

However the Tsuruchi suffer currently, seen as the killers of Daiori the Would be Emperor, the Lion and the Crane came after them, but were able to repel the attack, but the attack slew Tsuruchi, and leaves his heir in the hands of Otomo Banu.


Rivals: The Crane Clan, The Lion Clan, The Phoenix Clan, The Scorpion Clan and The Crab Clan.

The Mantis Clan

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