The Brotherhood of Shinsei

Leader: Takao

The Brotherhood of Shinsei is a religious organization that governed and oversaw the thousands of temples, shrines and monasteries of Rokugan. It was named after Shinsei, the monk who led the Seven Thunders to victory over Fu Leng at the dawn of the Empire. Devoted to the study of the Tao of Shinsei, the worship of the kami no michi and the pursuit of enlightenment, the Brotherhood was the pre-eminent spiritual body in the Empire.

During the Clan Wars, the Bortherhood was targeted heavily by the forces of the Shadowlands, in particular Yogo Junzo. The Brotherhood had been serving the people, feeding the refugees, helping those sick of the plague, and defending the peasants who were caught in between warring samurai and the horrors of the shadowlands.

After the Clan Wars, they have been rebuilding much of their lost structure, absorbing a number of samurai who have retired after the conflicts of the Clan Wars and even chosen a new abbot to lead the religious order.

They have been closely allied with the Dragon and the Phoenix who gifted them their original Toa of Shinsei.

  • By 1133 the Brotherhood has been busy spreading the word of the New Tao of Shinsei. The monks have preached of civility and an undertone of peace, but they know well that samurai cannot help but war. As such they have begun to train with the peasants once more. The relationship between the Dragon Clan and the Brotherhood has been strained, as they took in the vast majority of the Togashi Order.
  • By 1145 the Brotherhood has resolved it’s issues with the Dragon, but the Empire is starting to fracture as more and more claims are now being made for the throne. The Brotherhood has remained out of such debates thus far, only trying to suggest peace.

The Brotherhood of Shinsei

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