Border Check Point Station

This boarder check station is only of note, due to the fact that it checks all travelers papers at the entry point into the Dragon Provinces. The Kitsuki run the small station and the Magistrates are very good at finding contraband. A small town has sprung up around the station to help those waiting to have their papers checked relax some for the wait.

  • Bayushi Kenzo passed through and had a strong suspicion that Kitsuki Heki, the Dragon Magistrate, was working with a band of ronin who offer protection for travel along the road.
  • The Battle of Fallen Knives happens here, where the bandit group known as the Knives of Yugoro meets its end. It is discovered that Kitsuki Heki was killed and replaced months ago, and Toku and his ronin over see the boarder check for a time until the Dragon can assign someone to take their place.
  • Kitsuki Nagiken is given command of the tower and check station. He seeds the area with the starts of a minor village. He then marries a Hiruma, forging a deeper alliance with the Crab.


  • Justicar Kitsuki Nagiken, who oversees the small tower Boarder Check Point Station.
  • Kitsuki Sukau, wife of Nagiken.

Border Check Point Station

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