Attendees in the Winter Court

Winter Court Players

Crane Clan:

  • Doji Reju – Chui of the Crane Army. Decorated war hero.

Crab Clan:

Dragon Clan:

  • Togashi Mitsu – Head of the Togashi Order. Decorated war hero.
  • Agasha Jiku – Lord who discovered the blade Hunger.

Lion Clan:

  • Kitsu Okura – Chui of the Lion Clan Army. Decorated war hero.

Mantis Clan:

Phoenix Clan:

Scorpion Clan:

Unicorn Clan:

Minor Clans:

Imperial Families:



  • Toku – Leader of the Legion of the Wolf.
  • Mikio – Adviser of Toku.

Attendees in the Winter Court

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