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  • Norikazu's Ravings

    [[File:547540 | class=media-item-align-center | 300px | Scrolls_of_Norikazu.jpg]] _(These words were recorded by [[:naka-kuro | Naka Kuro]], [[:tonbo-suzume | Tonbo Suzume]], and [[:kitsuki-rokuro | Kitsuki Rokuro]]. [[:isawa-nozomi | Isawa Nozomi]] …

  • Mad Scrawlings in the Blood of a God

    Found in the lower levels of the [[Silver Crow Mines | Silver Crow Mines]], these scrawling were made by an insane Kuni, driven mad with the taint, who used Hitomi's blood to try and unravel the universe. The scrawl is written in two hand styles. …

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