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  • The Brotherhood of Shinsei

    Leader: [[:takao | Takao]] The Brotherhood of Shinsei is a religious organization that governed and oversaw the thousands of temples, shrines and monasteries of Rokugan. It was named after Shinsei, the monk who led the Seven Thunders to victory over Fu …

  • Abbot Takao

    As a baby he was found on the door step of the Abby being guarded by a Crow. Some years later, the Master of Air, Isawa Eju, was visiting the temple and Takao met him. The two spent many hours talking, and the Master was surprised at the questions that …

  • Brother Te

    [[Toi Koku | Toi Koku]]'s temple was restored, and with [[:isawa-nozomi | Isawa Nozomi]]'s action during the conclave of the Brotherhood at Still Water Temple, earned the merit of sending Brother Te. He was very active during the Clan Wars, and it was an …

  • Brother Roku

    Roku joined the dojo after he saw [[:mirumoto-kinji | Mirumoto Kinji]] aid the peasantry and devote within Still Water Temple. He has aided Kinji since, helping him keep his students in line.

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