Shattered Empire: In the Shadows of the Dragon Mountains

The War of the Wise and the Last Wish

Chapter 4: The Center Will Not Hold

  • Everyone gained 4xp, xp count of ???.
  • Year 1145, Summer

The Dragon Samurai of Toi Koku, range out of their lands, skirmishing and through their southern lands, capturing key vessels to preform a navel invasion upon the northern fronts. There, with peace in their minds they were able to preserve the two great shrines and gain some allies in the Phoenix. Upon arriving at the front, they were able to link up with the armies and show their prowess, in the Battle of Snow and Fire.

The battle ended with a duel of legend, and the Elemental Council sank into the earth with the Agasha Dyamio, and what could had been a peaceful end was spoiled by General Mirumoto Junnosuke. A portion of the Dragon and the Phoenix scrambled to end the war, while another portion worked feverishly to continue it, both guided by artifacts of great -power and potential. In the end the Phoenix unleashed the power of the Last Wish, and Shiba Aikune used it to wipe out the Moshi family to buy the Phoenix the time they needed to destroy the Dragon. Junnosuke was using the blade Furry, made by Hitomi Kokujin, as he moved to attack the hidden city of the Isawa.

The battle ended with Agasha Nozomi using the gift of the Void Dragon to raise the child like Last Wish, allowing it to be complete and understand the way of the Smaurai. Agasha Maemi was able to gain the blade Furry from her commander, and end its threat to the Empire for now. Togashi Hikaru slew the rerisen form of Junnosuke, and saved the Temple of Bishmon. Hoshi Shen erected a temple dedicated to now both Asahina and Hoshi once the war came to an end. Hitomi Hanzo, the Iron Dragon, helped to focus his order into properly seeking out the mad man Kokujin. Agasha Nyokazu partially broke the curse of the blade Hunger, giving rise to the thought that perhaps all items that are cursed can be redeemed. Mirumoto Munemori’s successful campaign granted him the position of General of the Southern Plains of the Dragon Lands. Mirumoto Kinji met his end in the final battle of the War of the Wise, slaying 19 Shiba before he fell, his name and style will go on into the stuff of legends.


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