Shattered Empire: In the Shadows of the Dragon Mountains

The War Council

Chapter 4: The Center Will Not Hold

  • Everyone gained 4xp, xp count of ???.
  • Year 1145 Between Spring and Summer

The Samurai of Toi Koku host the War Council of The Mara. The Council focus’s on the two wars they are in, and that the Dragon will focus on breaking the Phoenix’s spirit so that they can negotiate a peace between them.

  • Hitomi Hanzo tries to manipulate the court to changing the destination of the Toi Koku forces towards interfering with the Unicorn and Lion War.
  • Mirumoto Munemori becomes the commander of the 42nd Legion of the Dragon, and seeks to reforge The Dragon’s Wind, a Legion that has not been seen since the final battle against the Blood Speaker Iuchiban many generations ago.
  • Mirumoto Kinji takes the Mara’s son, Mirumoto Kuo, under his wing to teach him the way of the Mirumoto.
  • Bayushi Tadashiru arrives in the city along with Goshiu Paneki and Goshiu Sunetra, heavy with pregnancy of the Scorpion heir, and quickly doges her reason for being present and not with her husband. They talk of assassins in the midst of the Lion and the fact that The Ancestral Blades of the Akodo were stolen by Hitomi Kokujin. Agasha Maemi theorizes that with the Anvil of Despair that Kokujin may be trying to forge blades of darkness. She begins to study with Hitomi Hanzo.
  • Hoshi Shen‘s aid arrives, and catches his lord and her aid’s off guard, but his aid is immediately used to better the Clan. He then gets letter’s from home, telling him to gain allies in the Mantis to have them raid the coast while the Dragon attack their western flanks.


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