Shattered Empire: In the Shadows of the Dragon Mountains

The Heir of the Phoenix

Chapter 4: The Center Will Not Hold

  • Everyone gained 4xp, xp count of ???.
  • Year 1145 Late Spring

The rulers of Toi Koku are challenged by Shiba Aikune when he crosses the River of the Drowned Merchant and raids their lands. The samurai unite and defeat the young brash would be warlord, however he escaped with his advisory staff.

The Samurai of Toi Koku then have a choice to enter into the fray of the Lion and the Unicorn, or tend to the war with the Phoenix which has raged for the last few years. Togashi Hikaru chooses for Mirumoto Munemori to lead her forces against the Phoenix and understand the riddle of five and one and the flame without end, much to the distaste of Hitomi Hanzo.

Meanwhile in the capital, Hoshi Shen makes allies of the Crane, but the Crane shall not accept his friendship without him standing next to their choice of Emperor. For the sake of his Clan, knowing what friendship can give his Clan in the form of aid, he accepts the Throned Emperor, Otomo Banu.


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