Shattered Empire: In the Shadows of the Dragon Mountains

Summer of 1148 to 1150: Late Summer

Chapter 5: Moments Between The Fall

Year 1148

  • Renewed warfare erupts on the Dragon-Phoenix border. The Dragon respond by waging a full scale war on the Phoenix to end the conflict once and for all.
  • Unicorn emissaries visit the Dragon, seeking alliance against the Lion, and work to persuade the Crane to abandon their non-aggression pact. The Dragon commit to this war as well, unleashing Mirumoto Kei.
  • The Mantis begin to raid on the Phoenix’s shore lines, an effort to aid the Dragon and spread the Shiba thin.
  • The Elemental Council is challenged by Agasha Shaitung, who miraculously holds them off and in her approaching defeat instead has the earth swallow all of them.
  • The Lion force the Unicorn and Dragon allies from their lands.
  • Shiba Aikune seeks out Isawa’s Last Wish, an ancient and powerful magical artifact that was unable to be completed due to the death of Isawa. The item bonds with Aikune, and the two go out to save the Phoenix and the Empire. Their first action is to annihilate the Moshi, ending the Mantis threat for a time on the Eastern boarder.
  • Hoshi dies saving the Isawa from the awesome power of the Last Wish, which is vastly unstable in Aikune’s hands.
  • Togashi Mitsu leads a number of his and the Hitomi order against the madman Kokujin, and are ambushed. Although most of the two orders escape Kokujin’s ambush, Mitsu remains behind and is thought to have died fighting Kokujin.
  • The Elemental Council and Shaitung emerge from the earth, aided by the Zokujin, they have come to better understand what horrors lay ahead of them if they do not oppose the Lying Darkness as one.
  • The War of the Wise will rage on until the end of the Summer and end with the climatic battle at the Hidden City and Isawa’s Last Wish is completed, curbing its threat upon the Empire. The Dragon and the Phoenix end the war between them, coming to an understanding of threats that lay within the Empire, and only their united intervention may yet save all that they know.
  • Shiba Aikune imposes himself to exile until he can redeem himself for his actions in unleashing the wish, and leaves the Empire.
  • Otomo Banu hosts the first of several self-proclaimed “Imperial Winter Courts,” this one at Kyuden Seppun. The Crane, Phoenix, Mantis, and several Minor Clans attend. The Mantis aggressively lobby Banu to support their claim to Great Clan status, but their efforts are largely stymied by the Phoenix.

Year 1149

  • The Mantis declare a Blood Feud with the Phoenix over the death of the Moshi and their continued blocking of their political advances, and renewed war begins between the two.
  • The Dragon’s Wind returns to the Dragon Lands after their long campaign.
  • The Shrine to Ashahina begins within the Phoenix lands, with the Dragon providing much, given the the burden the Phoenix clan faces in the East. A shrine dedicated to Hoshi’s sacrifice is planned to be added into the construction.
  • The Hitomi begin to seek out Kokujin, and find they are only chasing shadows.
  • The Lion launch a full-scale invasion of the Unicorn. The Dragon forces under General Kei, join the fight on the Unicorn side. The Lion overrun the City of the Rich Frog and push on into Unicorn lands, but then bog down in an extended siege of Toshi no Aida ni Kawa (the City Between the Rivers). Unicorn cavalry raiders harass the Lion supply lines and make further advances impossible. With winter approaching the Lion finally take the city and castle by storm, and the war settles into a reluctant pause with both sides immobilized by the weather.

Year 1150

  • Renewed fighting in the western Unicorn territories is bloody but inconclusive, with the front shifting back and forth several times. As summer’s end approaches, Otomo Banu attempts to mediate the war, bringing all of the Imperial Families’ remaining political and economic strength to bear. The Crane assist Banu, hoping that strengthening him will bring a restoration of their traditional political power, and their covert threat of a trade embargo persuades the two clans to listen. While neither the Lion nor the Unicorn acknowledge Banu’s claim to the throne, they ultimately agree to a three-year truce.
  • The reconstruction of the Victory of the Living Blade Dojo is completed.
  • Late summer arrives in Toi Koku…


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