The Son of Storms and Mantis Clan Champion


Yoritomo, often called the Son of Storms, was a large man by Rokugani standards. He had an athletic build and green eyes. He was only rarely seen out of his trademark mantis-like armor, and even rarer still without his kama.


Believing that the Mantis Clan deserved to be more than a minor clan, he lived his life to one end: the ascension of his people to Great Clan status. Yoritomo was a cunning tactician and a fearsome warrior. His courage and audacity shocked many, but lead most samurai to admire his strength.

A general for the Mantis Clan before the Clan Wars, he lead much of the activity along the coast land, working for the Scorpion, Crane and Crab as a mercenary. Given his stance on despising his Clan being seen as less worthy then any other Great Clan, Yoritomo forced an alliance between the Sparrow, the Wasp and the Fox, known as the Three Man Alliance. This alliance promised aid and resources between the Minor Clans to bring forth solidarity and cooperation.

As the Clan Champion grew old, he saw great storms on the horizon and stepped aside, and gave the brash Yoritomo leadership of the Clan.

As the Clan Wars began to rise, he returned to his allies, seeing a chance for the Minor Clans the opportunity to rise and become something more. He expanded this to the Minor Clan Alliance. All but the Sparrow agreed to this, as the Sparrow lacked the bushi strength to truly be of assistance.

Yoritomo eventually united almost all of the minor clans into his alliance and led them in purging the plague ravaged Empire. He vocally called upon the samurai of the Great Clans to do their duty and protect their people and recall their oaths to protect those who could not protect themselves. When the Great Clans were still embroiled with their own concerns, the Minor Clans went forth and did this duty for themselves.

Yoritomo waged a war on the Shadowlands, leading the Minor Clans to victory after victory. They slew oni, goblins, the plague ridden dead, and put down bandits. The group also acted as mercenaries, and the Crane emptied their coffers to help hold their besieged lands. The Mantis even worked with the Crab transplanting their forces to the imperial city, in hopes of the Crab ending the war.

As the great clans gathered to wage the final assault for the Second Day of Thunder, Yoritomo had his allies and forces draw blades and arrows on the gathered forces. Proclaiming they would rather be death and wound the samurai of the great clans before this battle, then serve the great clans as a lesser. Many of the assembled wished to cut the Mantis down right then and there. But The Crab Thunder only laughed, admiring Yoritomo’s strength and courage. Toturi went on to agree, should everyone not be dead come the end of the battle, the Mantis would be recognized as a great clan.

Yoritomo went on to lead an impressive assault against the the Shadowlands forces and aided in ending the war.


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