Yasuki Garou

Crab Ambassador (4.2/3)


Although average height, he is often seen with his brethren of the Crab he looks small and diminutive. He has an easy smile, a pleasant demeanor, and seems to love to repeat phrases often.


He has been given the honor of being the Face of the Crab Clan in the post Clan War Empire. He has been traveling the lands offering Crab aid in rebuilding,. but often is turns aside due to his Lord’s actions during the Clan Wars.

He will become the ambassador to Toi Koku.

  • He has befriended Agasha Nyokazu
    Arrival set for middle to late fall. Mostly interested in steel and jade. Though he will take anything and wishes to trade with other things other than rice as well as laborers.

Yasuki Garou

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