Tonbo Toryu

Dragonfly Clan Champion


A charming man with an easy smile, and patient and wise eyes. He dressed well for a minor clan samurai. He carries the ancestral swords of the Dragonfly.


A true student of the Toa of Shinsei, he has studied with the Phoenix, opened a number of shrines to the Brotherhood within his humble lands, and gave aid to them during the Clan Wars. When Yogo Junzo began his purge of the Brotherhood, the Tonbo took in whoever they could offer shelter to.

When the Clan wars ended, much of the Brotherhood remained in the Dragonfly lands, trying to take stock of themselves and come to a consensus over selecting a new Abbot. The Dragon Fly currently are still playing host to the Brotherhood as Toryu assists them in their spiritual endeavors.

Since the Clan War’s ending, few pilgrims are traveling the roads to the Dragon Lands, and as such, the Dragonfly are taking time to recover from the effects of the war and assist the Brotherhood of Sinsei.

Tonbo Toryu

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