Hitomi Kokujin

Madman and Adviser to the Thunder


A tall thick man, with a powerful build, and dark skin. His eyes are intelligent, and his features are often unreadable. His body is covered in a riot of harsh tattoos, making him appear threatening.


Some 15 years ago, a Togashi was given a set of tattoo’s, and when it was over, he claimed to have been ‘enlightened’ and fled his Clan knowing some secret truths. Those of the Order that went to find their brother claimed he was mad, driven so by his tattoos. He had spoken obscenities about Togashi Yakuni. They had followed him, and he had gone south into the shadowlands with no jade. Most gave him up for dead.

However, he would appear sometimes in small reports, often giving advice to those who were on quests, and often when Togashi Yakuni had set someone on such quests.

Reports came back that he was spotted beyond the wall and Kuni believed him to have the sickness of the taint.

  • He was recently discovered to have been working within the Empire under the guise of Togashi Kokei.
  • he has gone to the high House of Light with Mirumoto Hitomi, to help her master the celestial influences that are weighing upon her.

Hitomi Kokujin

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