Suzume Yugoki

Sparrow Clan Champion


Yugoki was a tall, thin man, who had not hair on his face. He had a dark complexion and his facial features were soft and angular. Yugoki had a rich, deep voice, perfect for storytelling, but he tended to spend much of his time listening instead.


A young man raised by his grandfather, the two wandered the Empire learning the ways of the world. During the Clan War, the Sparrow became involved trying to aid the other minor clans and defend their territory and peasantry from the spreading chaos.

As the Clan Wars ended, the young Yugoki arrived home and found his father dying form the plague that had started the war. When his fathered passed, Yugoki assumed the position of Clan Champion.

Yugoki sees his Clan has a chance to become something great, and begins sending out Sparrow Storytellers throughout the land.

Suzume Yugoki

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