Shinjo Yokatsu

Master of the Four Winds


A short thick chested man, with a genuine smile but his eyes are filled with resolve. He wears a horn supposedly from a Unicorn above his top knot.


Raised by his grandfather, Yokatsu was destined to become Champion upon the completion of his gempuku. Instead on his naming day he set aside the position, and took to the road for three years.

His travels were long and ranging, traveling from the shores of the sea of the sun goddess, to the edge of the burning sands. He at last returned home and gained the title of Master of the Four Winds and became the Clan Champion.

Yokatsu later goes on to leading his clan through the Scorpion Coup and the Clan Wars, where he plays a central positions to help restore order and bring justice.

In the Coup, a portion of his army was at the capital in a single day, nearly beating the Lion in responding. Until the Crab arrived he and the Lion Clan Champion held the Scorpion in check. The Scorpion thought he was doing so well they tried to assassinate him.

During the Clan Wars he brokered peace with the Lion, aided Toturies armies, and hinted Yogo Junzo’s Army. Now that the Clan Wars are over, he is now one of two Champions to still remain in power after the conflict. Meaning with his armies nearly untouched, he is perhaps the most powerful of the Clan Champions in the Enpire.

Shinjo Yokatsu

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