Moshi Wakiza

Centipede Clan Champion


Wakiza was a tall girl, willowy, somewhat awkward. She had intelligent dark eyes, and she kept her hair tied back from her head at all times. She rarely spoke, sounding quite timid when she did. She wore simple clothes and carried a fan with her. When using her magic Wakiza became a different person entirely, laughing wildly with joy and dancing like a woman possessed.


During the Clan Wars the Moshi became soilders of Fortune, as the Crane gathered any who would fight their wars on their behalf. Wakiza was no different, a well trained shy Shugenja, when she was on the field of battle she was filled with such passion that even oni gave pause.

It was her fighting style that gained the attention of the Mantis Champion Yoritomo, and he offered the Centipede a place in Yoritomo’s Alliance. In return for joining a Moshi would marry into the Mantis at some later date.

Wakiza would later aid in gathering more of the Minor Clans into the Allaince.

Now that the wars have passed, Wakiza’s mother has stepped aside from leadership and given her daughter the Clan as she swears her oaths to Lady Sun.

Moshi Wakiza

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