Kata Master


A ronin in the middle of his life, he wears scars like badges of honor, and always looks duty and ill fed.


Mokoto was a seasoned ronin who was present in the camp of Toturi’s Army when the former and dishonored Lion Clan Champion, Toturi the Black, was selecting through a contest the members of an elite group, the Twelve Ronin. An Ise Zumi stood as Champion for some time, and he easily defeated a young Ronin. Mokoto had a sharp eye for finding an opponent’s weakness, and spoke with the demoralized youth, who stepped forward again, and this time defeating the Tattooed Monk. The youth’s skill had not improved at all, but his assessment of his opponent had changed dramatically. Toturi, who had noticed that the older samurai had provided the youth with such insight, asked Mokoto to join the Twelve Ronin.

Mokoto was familiar with many kata, and he was among the first to grasp the full curriculum of the Thousand Years of Steel. He developed the Body Clears Mind kata, which he has shared with the ronin of the Legion of the Wolf.


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