Mirumoto Sanzo

Redeemed Samurai


Where once a ronin who rarely bathed, and allowed himself to fall into a psychical representation of his own disgrace, now a man stands in proud Dragon armor and looks the part of a samurai of his station.

He has a tattoo above his right eye and along the side of his face.


Many years ago, Snazo’s village was attacked by ogres, and his families blades were stolen. He chose becoming a ronin for his failure, and had hunted the ogres ever since. When he took to his life as a ronin he was no better then a self hating dog and let himself embody all of his failure.

He joined Toturi’s Army during the Clan wars, and the Legion of the Wolf after. He has joined the Twelve Ronin, and they had helped to draw him back from his own edge.

After the Battle of the Falling Thunder, he regained his ancestral blades, and became a changed man. He rejoined the Dragon but has remained with his ronin brothers, with the blessings of his lord.

Mirumoto Sanzo

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