Mirumoto Hitomi

Dragon Clan Thunder and Clan Champion


A lithe woman with eyes that shimmer with a golden light. Her head is shaved, robbing her of much of her femininity. She holds herself like a warrior. Her right hand is missing from the elbow down, but instead of a stump there is a hand made of blackest obsidian.


In 1113, when Hitomi was only a young girl of eight, her life changed drastically the day her brother, Mirumoto Satsu, faced Hida Yakamo in a duel. It had been believed that Yakamo had slighted the virtue of Satsu’s fiance, and Satsu challenged Yakamo to a duel. Yakamo accepted and promptly smashed Satsu in the head with his tetsubo, killing Satsu. The assembled court were shocked, and Hitomi’s father cried foul, but no one would challenge Yakamo again. The eight years old Hitomi stepped forward, and picked up her brother’s sword. Yakamo smacked the blade aside and placed his tetsubo on top of her head saying; “I won’t kill you now, little one, but you will remember that I could have.” She accused Yakamo of cheating.

Hitomi’s father was Mirumoto Shosan, the Mirumoto daimyo. After the death of Satsu, Shosan had become a shadow of himself, and when he reached his retirement age the family was led by his brother Mirumoto Sukune until Hitomi would be on age. The event had brought ill health to both her mother and her father. When her mother died, her father committed seppuku.

At the time of her gempukku she chose the name Hitomi, believed to be after the Lion heroine Matsu Hitomi.

“Truth’s path is a sword
The blade cuts my palms and heels
Still I will not fall"

- Hitomi’s gempukku poem

She shaved her head to demonstrate her dedication to bushido, the way of the warrior. The Dragon Clan Champion, Togashi Yokuni, gave Hitomi the command of an army as a gift, and bestowed upon her the Ancestral Sword of the Dragon Clan.

Hitomi’s cousin Mirumoto Yukihira contested the daimyoship. Hitomi challenged Yukihira for the position and won, becoming the next Mirumoto Daimyo.

During her time as Mirumoto Daimyo, it was well known that she had little care for the position. Her brother, Mirumoto Daini, was more suited to the position and would frequently handle things in her stead. Hitomi made so few appearances in court at this time that she was referred to as Togashi Hitomi by some courtiers.

  • In 1115 Shiro Mirumoto held the Imperial winter court. During the event Shosuro Nimuri was found murdered. Kitsuki Yasu quickly declared, Hitomi’s younger cousin Mirumoto Miyoki, was the culprit and the sentence was to be killed as a common murderer. Just before Yasu executed Miyoki, Hitomi appeared and modified the sentence to another worse one, to live with her shame as ronin. Bayushi Rishu, the Scorpion representative, initially objected her decision, but Hitomi easily outmaneuvered him with steeled words. Before the night Miyoki had been moved by ise zumi to Kyuden Togashi, where she became Togashi Miyoki, a Tattooed Monk.
  • In the 18th day of the Month of the Rooster Hitomi exacted vengeance upon Yakamo in the Imperial City. Disobeying orders she challenged Hida Kisada’s son, and during the duel Hitomi removed his hand. She had to be dragged away by fellow Dragon to prevent her from bringing shame upon her clan. Kisada was furious and demanded her life but the Mirumoto refused.
  • Just before the Battle of Beiden Pass Yokuni ordered her to transfer the command of her army to Toturi, giving her the Dragon Fan of Command. Hitomi’s anger towards Toturi was barely contained, but she agreed to serve his command. During the Battle of Beiden Pass, Hitomi again sought out Yakamo, who at this point had his hand replaced by Yakamo’s Claw. Hitomi sought to finish off Yakamo, but Yakamo proved victorious, crushing her hand and the Ancestral Sword of the Dragon Clan. In the confusion of the battle Hitomi barely escaped with her life, and when she was believed dead her brother Mirumoto Daini took the position of Mirumoto Daimyo.
  • In the Test of the Emerald Champion held in 1127 Hitomi was defeated by the Grey Crane, Kakita Toshimoko.
  • Following her believed death at the Battle of Beiden Pass Daini assumed official leadership of the Mirumoto. Hitomi’s cousin Yukihira usurped Daini from the position of Mirumoto Daimyo shortly after, and Yukihira would hold this position until the Second Day of Thunder when he was challenged by Hitomi for the leadership of the clan. Yukihira’s own father, Mirumoto Sukune aided Hitomi by lending her his katana, and Hitomi won the duel, killing Yukihira. Hitomi assumed the Mirumoto Daimyo position once more.
  • In the assault on Otosan Uchi by the combined forces of the Great Clans, during the Second Day of Thunder, Hitomi sought out Yakamo again. Yakamo was dueling Yakamo no Oni, and though the Jade Hand had severed the tie between Yakamo and the beast, the oni had grown powerful from the Crab Lord’s name. The true Yakamo failed before the inexhaustible oni, and as the oni prepared to deal the finishing blow, the oni’s head was crushed by Hitomi’s Obsidian Hand. She taunted the wounded Crab, disarmed him easily, and allowed him to live to find their fate as Thunders against Fu Leng. Hitomi said to him as he had to her when she was eight.
  • Hitomi and Yakamo joined the other Seven Thunders and entered the main palace through secret passageways to fight Fu Leng. There the Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Yokuni revealed himself to be the Kami Togashi, and fought Fu Leng. Togashi was beaten back, and as he lay dying he told Hitomi to retrieve the 12th Black Scroll from his chest and open it, but not to read it. Hitomi did so, killing Togashi but making Fu Leng mortal, and the Thunders succeeded in killing Fu Leng. However, Hitomi was the only survivor, and was clearly dazed and unwell after the battle. She turned aside the offered throne, and disappeared.
  • Hitomi was discovered in Silver Crow Mines, although what happened between Silver Crow Mines and the Imperial City is unknown, and it would seem only Togashi Kokei may be aware.
  • Becomes Clan Champion in 1131, and has Togashi order Exiled if they would not swear fealty to her.

Mirumoto Hitomi

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