A Small Zokujin With an Old Staff


A small bent backed bluish skinned reptile like creature. He carries a staff cut from living wood, that still grows. He has yellow eyes and wears robes befitting a hermit samurai.


The small creature managed to help reduce the threat of the goblins 20 goblins who took refuge in the Great Falls Mine village, by making the mines shake to warn the villagers of danger. It tried cave ins to starve the nasty creatures, and seemed to frighten the goblins and drive them mad.

Fortunately, The Warlord, Mirumoto Kinji and Tonbo Suzume arrived to help deal with the last few of the goblins tribe.

It gave them its blessing and spoke a great deal of prehuman history, before he headed back home into Great Falls, claiming to live near one of the volcanoes where it is warm.


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