Kitsune Ryosei

Fox Clan Champion


Ryosei had the unusual green eyes of the Kitsune, trademark of those descendants of the Kitsune who founded the family. She was a friendly, open, brave, gallant compatriot who was well-versed in the ways of war.


As a young woman, she completed her gempuku by rediscovering the ancestral blade of the Fox. Sadly it was a trick her aged father had done, and in the process she had delivered one of the black scrolls to him which he used to gain immortality.

Since that day Ryosei has led the Fox. When the Empire was being engulfed in war she led her Clan into Yoritomo’s Alliance and became a valued hero in the wars that followed.

During the war she hunted to confront her father, but he was elusive and feared to confront his daughter directly.

Now that the wars have ended, Ryosei has returned home, and continues to host her Mantis allies within her sacred woodlands.

Kitsune Ryosei

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