Mirumoto Kiriai

Redeemed Dragon


Wearing simple armor of browns, he is an older man and carries with him perfect Dragon blades.


Serving the Dragon as a guard for the gold caravans from Toi Koku. He admitted to Mirumoto Kinji that he was a coward and chose to exile himself for his failure.

As ronin who served in the Legion of the Wolf during the Clan Wars. He served with distinction and his courage never flagged again.

When the Knives of Yugoro were recruiting form the ronin, he failed once more when his son joined their ranks. He ended his son’s decent into dishonor, thus redeeming himself once more.

  • After the Battle of Fallen Thunder, Kiriai was offered fealty to the Dragon and rejoined them. His new service was to work with the Ronin of the Legion of the Wolf.

Mirumoto Kiriai

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