Kaiu Kokkaku

Dead.... Gifted Builder (1.8/3)


A woman with stark features, wearing simple and as stark clothing of the Crab Clans. She has a shiba dog with her, and her blunted features brighten when he sees her dog and pets his redish fur.


The Crab promised a Kaiu to aid them, and thus Kokkaku has arrived in Toi Koku.

  • She managed to convince the court of Toi Koku that the Naga were worth while allies, and should not be exiled.
  • Kokkaku was caught in a political attempt to appease the Crane Clan and have some of the artwork that their Clan had valued returned from the Clan Wars. Sadly the talks soured, and Kakita Risupu took offense on behalf of his clans, and dueled the young woman, killing her.

Kaiu Kokkaku

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