Hida O-Ushi

Daughter of the Clan Champion and Commander of the Wall


O-Ushi is pretty, small but stocky and cannot be easily knocked off her feet. She shara Kisada and Yakamo’s quick temper, but unlike Yakamo she will not let it get the better of her. She will goad and taunt, bringing others to anger before they can prepare for her. She relies on fear and uncertainty to gain an advantage over her enemies. She refused to take a vow of celibacy as other samurai-ko did. She wears her daisho but prefers her beloved hammer, which no one has ever seen her without.


O-Ushi, means ox, and this name resounds within all of O-Ushi’s history. She is strong, dependable and stubborn beyond belief.

She was born into a family of legends, as the youngest. Her two eldest brothers were some of the finest the Crab had ever produced, each legends unto themselves. Her father was Hida Kisada, the Great Bear, a legend that fell prey to his own ambition, yet is still respected for fear of his reprisal.

When she was 9, she came of age, seeing to her first voyage beyond the wall. She would later take command of the Crab Wall while the Scorpion Clan Coup occurred. She has since lived an adventurous life. A day before the Clan Wars, she offered the Crane the chance to surrender to the Crab. There is speculation that the assassin who slipped through the Lion Clan Champion’s main camp killing many of the upper commanders was in fact O-Ushi. But this was never proven. When the Crab assaulted the capital O-Ushi held the Wall once more, and when it was over run by the largest massing of the Shadowlands Horde in history, she gave chase and ended up on the battle field of the Second Day of Thunder, and took command of the Crab war machine when her father succumbed to the pain of his wound once more.

Since Clan Wars, and with the death of both of her brothers, she has been being groomed by her father for the mantle of leadership, and as his health declines it is O-Ushi who is often directing the will of the Crab.

Hida O-Ushi

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