Hida Kisada

The Great Bear and Lord of Crab


Known for his heavy armor and his impressive size, few actually know what Kisada looks like behind his helm. He is imposing and fierce looking to the extreme and given his size and demeanor he has earned the title of Great Bear.

Although, that was Kisada at the height of the Clan War. Since his battle in single combat with Fu Leng, he is supposedly crippled and on his death bed. Although if that is true, it has taken nearly six months for him to die from a lethal blow.


Hida Kisada is known as one of the greatest generals in the Empire. He is the single best seige commander in the Empire. The Crab, under Kisada’s command chose who won the Scorpion Clan Coup, so impressive is his command of his troops and tactics. He had saved the Empire from the Scorpion.

Kisada however was a man of strength. He saw weakness in the last Emperor and desired the throne for himself. He led his forces from the Crab Wall and attempted to take the capital. To help reinforce his troops he made a terrible pact with the Shadowlands and felt he could control them and use them to achieve his goal.

The attack failed in the end, with the death of one son sacrificed to the dark lord and another corrupted. His corrupted son would later redeem the Crab in many samurai’s eyes as the Crab Thunder and weirder of the Jade Hand.

Kisada however has been seen as a traitor and dangerously ambitious man. He retook the Crab Chanpion position after Yakamo, the Crab thunder and his son died on the Second Day of Thunder. He withdrew to the Wall with his armies, and from his death bed rules one of the largest armies in the Empire.

  • Died in 1132

Hida Kisada

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