Doji Kuwanan

Crane Clan Champion


A smaller, thick chested man in his prime. Wearing fine clothes of brilliant blues and blacks. His head is shaved, a sign of grieving for the death of so much of his family in the Clan Wars. His eyes are crystal blue and have an alterness of a trained warrior.


Trained from a young age to be a warrior, and the second son of the Emerald Champion and Crane Clan Champion, Doji Satsume. He was to live out his life as a warrior and high commander while his brother led the life of a champion.

He trained with the Akodo, the Hida and the Daidoji. He was an excellent student and even gained the praise of the Lion and Crab (two traditional rivals).

In the Clan Wars he staggered his foes as best he could as over whelming forces attempted to exterminate his clan. On the day of thunder he stood with the Phoenix and gave relief to the Crab.

Since his brother’s death on the day of thunder, he has taken the Championship of the Crane, and begun to rebuild the Crane. He does so with a warroir’s pragmatism.

Doji Kuwanan

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