Famed Ronin Dulist


A lithe man, with an unkempt face, with a terrible scar that runs up to his left eye. He wears the saya of a katana over his ruined eye, and it has a great deal of Crane iconography etched onto it. He tends to favor brown colors, relishing in the rough ronin look. He carries him self with pride and confidence.


Little is known about Dairya, but he first started roaming the lands, challenging everyone and anyone to a duel. He was skilled and won ever duel he was ever in, he would boast about this loudly, and it eventually drew the attention of Kakita Toshimoko (the Crane Kakita daymio), and the skilled duelist went to go see the ronin’s skill. When Dairya learned that he was being watched by such a skilled man, he challenged the Crane, and in the duel lost his eye for his arrogance.

There was some further trouble with the Crane, and eventually a bounty was put out on the man. Dairya fled to the north and eventually found Toturi. In the presence of the Black Lion, he found honor, redemption and some humility. He became a hero and rose to become one of the best of the Legion of the Wolf.


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