Shattered Empire: In the Shadows of the Dragon Mountains

Norikazu's Ravings

Norikazu's Ravings was a record of Isawa Norikazu prophecies, made in 1129


(These words were recorded by Naka Kuro, Tonbo Suzume, and Kitsuki Rokuro. Isawa Nozomi however, with her deep connection to the Void, sensed that the Celestial Dragons spoke though Isawa Norikazu in this final vision. If her words are to be believed, then, she has discovered two new Dragons, or two Dragons who have remained removed from humanity’s preview)

  • “The child born with the cunning of a scorpion and the wisdom of a dragon shall lead those who follow him into darkness, where they will be embraced with the fate that awaits us all.” – Dragon of Earth
  • “The voice of a dead man shall encourage those who strive for redemption to rise in a storm of steel and aggression once more. Three shall lead and two will fall, before the truest test shall arrive.” – Dragon of Fire
  • “Lost and dreamed of being no more, the forgotten shall be hunted from all sides and forced to flee into the shadows. In the shadows waits the culmination … of their damnation.” – Dragon of Water
  • “Duty and honor give way to indifference and contempt, and gives rise to ambition unchecked. The results shall lead to a sea of blood and agony that only the simplest of words can end.” – Dragon of Air
  • “The graceful shall watch one of their finest fall to a forgotten affair. They shall find the refuge offered to the harmonious, but at the cost of indifference to those about them. When at last they move, sorrow and death will follow swiftly.” – Dragon of the Void
  • “As darkness consumes those who lost all, a small pack lingers on. Although lost for a time, a wolf appears with the eyes of the dead, and their howl shall be defiant into the darkness.” – Dragon of Thunder
  • “Longing leads to aspiration, aspiration becomes passion, passion evolves into obsession. Only bloodshed, hollow words, and impotence awaits the ignoble. All shall seek the unworthy, all show bow before him, but his words are just wind, and will sow death and chaos.” – The Celestial Dragon
  • “Two giants will rise. One giant will be filled with the arrogance against the heavens and believe it knows what is best for all. The second giant will rise to block the other’s way, filled with indignation of the other’s overreaching, however it is just as sinful … avenging every slight real and imagined against it.” – Unknown Dragon, but a dark force was sensed here.
  • “Alone, isolated, understanding what lurks in darkness, their pleas for help, peace and hope shall fall upon deaf ears. Too late they will know what must be done, for that —which takes shall be waiting for them.” – Unknown Dragon, but a pure force was sensed here.
  • “The future is not certain. We change it with every breath we take. The future is not a still lake, even the smallest ripples change everything. Remember this when nothing comes.” – Norikazu’s own words.


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