The Lion Clan

Clan Champion: Ikoma Tsanuri

The Lion Clan were the Right Hand of the Emperor, recording the military and political interactions between the Clans. They are the epitome of bushido and the very example of valor. Next to the Seppun family they were most likely to serve as the Emperor’s guardsmen. They comprised the greater portion of the Imperial Legions. The Lion Clan was founded by the Kami Akodo.

When the Scorpion rose up in the Coup the Lion were poised as the militaristic arm of the Empire. When the Akodo fell and were disbanded by Hantei the 39th, the Lion found themselves without the tactical minds that once ruled their forces. The Matsu rose to power then, their fury and passion would shape the Lion in the coming years, as they avenged a number of injured prides.

During the Clan Wars, the militaristic Lion saw a greater chance wage wars upon various Clans to press forward their agenda. During the Conflict, the Lion skirmished with the Phoenix, Unicorn, Crab and Dragon, sought to do battle with Toturi’s Army, and made absolute war with the Lion. Their final attack, before turning to dealing with the Shadowlands, was to even war upon themselves.

Although the Clan Wars were chaotic, the Lion Clan is often restricted from going too far in their wars, as the courts and the Emperor keep them in check. Forcing them to not completely raze the targets of their ire.

As the Clan recovers from a civil war, the loss of two of the greatest heroes (the former Champion Matsu Tsuko who took her own life for her failures, and Toturi the Black who was the Akodo and former Champion who had redeemed himself as being the Lion Thunder), and the famine that had run wild across their lands, the Lion are in an intense state of recovery.

  • By 1133 since their taking of the capital and instilling measure to make sure that the Traditions of the Empire are upheld, the Lion and their lands have been silent. Travelers are escorted by Lion guards, and there is no longer free travel for anyone within the Lion Lands. The Clan has been active in a number of courts, however, they have not returned in numbers to the Capital. With the Regent in control of the Otosqn Uchi, the Lion have gained an upper hand in the courts, although they have yet to flaunt this issue. As for the Regent himself, he says he will hold the position until a new Emperor has ascended to the throne.
  • By 1145, the Lion control the upper Scorpion territory and the only major pass that connects the south and the north. They are at war with the Unicorn, and have successfully had war with the Dragonfly, Phoenix, Dragon and even the organization known as the Kolat. With the death of Ikoma Tsanuri the new Regent Kitsu Motso focuses on the Unicorn to spend his aggression on.

Allies: The Crane Clan.

Rivals: The Unicorn Clan and The Mantis Clan.

The Lion Clan

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