The Dragon Clan

Clan Champion: Togashi Hoshi now Mirumoto Hitomi

The Dragon Clan was founded by the Kami Togashi, the most enigmatic of Amaterasu’s children. For over a thousand years it has been their duty to watch and record the history of Rokugan. While the Dragon are seen as reclusive and aloof by most clans, they understand the necessity of acting only when the time is right.

The Clan Wars may have been crippling to all of the Clans in some way, but the Dragon were one of the few Great Clans to walk away almost completely intact and their lands mostly untouched. The only incursion into the Dragon Lands was Yogo Junzo’s forces moving through the lowlands of the Dragon, as they moved form the Unicorn provenances, to the Phoenix lands, burning every strong hold of the Brotherhood of Shinsei they could safely attack.

When the Crab made their push to the center of the Empire, the Dragon Clan Champion, Togashi Yokuni ceded control of his armies to Toturi the Black (the disgraced Akodo). Toturi led his ever growing army against the Crab and held the narrow pass. Although there were causalities, each army shouldered the burden and no one faction took too heavy of losses.

When the Second Day of Thunder came, the Dragon hero, Mirumoto Hitomi rose to become the Thunder of the Dragon. During the climax of the war, she saw her Lord and Clan Champion struck down by Fu Leng. She rushed to her Lord’s side, and he gave her one final command, which was to remove the last Black Scroll from his heart and open it. Doing so fully bound the spirit of Fu Leng into the mortal body of the Emperor, which the other Thunders took advantage of, and slew the fallen Kami. As the blood of Togashi Kami seeped into the skin of the Dragon Thunder, she found herself too dazed to offer anymore to the fight, then opening the last scroll. When the fight had finished, the Hooded Ronin (the descendant of Shinsei) offered her the Throne to bring stability to the Empire. She refused him, and staggered off, to lands unknown.

Since the Clan War’s end, the Dragon have returned to their mountains, and once more begin to remove themselves from the Empire, becoming the distant guardians they are. Togashi Hoshi has been named Clan Champion, and takes his father’s throne. As such, a number of the Togashi have taken the name Hoshi over that of Togashi to show their reverence to their Lord.

  • By 1133 the Dragon Clan has fallen in line with their new Champion, however many regret the loss of the Togashi Order, especially Mitsu. However the Kagezumi (a much more militant order, a reflection of their Lady Hitomi) are often seen throughout the Dragon Lands, assisting and advising the Lords of the Dragon. Lady Hitomi wishes her order to not be so withdrawn, especially with her first actions to prepare for defensive war. She has wisely rationed out the food stores that Toi Koku has continued to gather, and often is seen about Shiro Kitsuki and the Dragonfly Lands, hearing of news from afar. She however has not visited Toi Koku.
  • By 1145 the Dragon are recovering from the War of the Serpents. The Naga ruined much of the inner lands, with the Lion having ruined most of the southern lands. The Dragon are in a state of recovery, wondering when the war with the Phoenix will reach its conclusion.

Allies: The Crab Clan, The Crane Clan and [[The Unicorn Clan | .

Rivals: [[The Phoenix Clan | The Phoenix Clan]]

The Dragon Clan

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