Ruins of Distant Fall Village

This village was remote town that farms, and raises live stock. They occasionally sent their harvest and wears to Toi Koku when the weather allowed. They were self sufficient and kept to themselves mostly.

  • Sadly the town was consumed in the insanity that followed the wake of Yogo Junzo passing. Yuukan no Oni rose form the ashes of a father trying to save his daughter, and their tragic tale snuffed the life out of this village. It was later razed by Kitsuki Yasu and his forces, the earth slated and the slender mountain pass that led to the village broken by the Agasha.
  • Many still wonder if all of the Oni was accounted for, and if it still dwells in the ruins, or if it exists somewhere, thriving in the Great Falls.


  • None

Ruins of Distant Fall Village

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