Minor Fall Mines

The Minor Falls mine was founded by an Agasha who had discovered a gold vein that was very rich. The cost of mining this spot is high, so only a modest amount is taken every year. It’s gold helps to feed Toi Koku for its trading.

These mines have shifted between the Kitsuki and the Mirumoto numerous times, each family having need of the gold. To avoid the friction of the pressing need the control of the mines was passed to the Agasha.

A terrible cold snap robbed the small village of what little crops it lives off of in the year 1129. But the bountiful trades of Toi Koku that year allowed the village to thrive still. Construction to the main tower is only half done.


  • Lady Agasha Jiku, rules from the exalted Spire of the Shimmering Ryu.

Minor Fall Mines

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