Mad Scrawlings in the Blood of a God

Found in the lower levels of the Silver Crow Mines, these scrawling were made by an insane Kuni, driven mad with the taint, who used Hitomi’s blood to try and unravel the universe.

The scrawl is written in two hand styles.

“Show me the truth!” (This is scrawled all over the walls and floors, over and over)

“Fu Leng’s return hinges upon the power of the Dark Lord, who is the tempted steel to the strength of the emperor.” But what if there is no emperor?

“Duty means nothing if he still wanders, twisted and rotting. None of the others understand, only you can purge the filth and restore his honor. Abandon your duty.” “What madness is this? We needed to destroy them all!”

“You are alone, your brothers and sisters gone. It is time to rejoin your husband. Think of the sea.” “This is not the secrets of the universe!”

“You are their Emperor, a shining example. Go forth, for who could stand before your glory? Not even this First demon can stop one such as you.” “No! How do I end the Imperials?”

“She is gone now, she will not return. All the light in your world is but a flickering flame of memory. Go to the pool, and remember her. The waters will sooth your aches.” “No threats remain in the shadows?”

“She favors the children, greatest lord of lords. See how she dotes upon them. Soon they will replace you. The twin of Hida is alone, take him.” “Twin of Hida? No, these are lies.”

“No great lord, you may yet have need of me. What if you need something undone? Do not name me.” “I needed to know the beginning! Who is this talking to me? With me… for me?”

“You’re falling, death will come swift. Unless, perhaps there is another way. You are the child of heaven, but it cannot help you now. There is another place, one that might help you before you strike the unforgiving rocks below. You will just need to give up your name.” “No! Riddles! I need to know how to make Jigoku great again!”

“Look, what is that? Is it a danger to the Empire? It looks beautiful, but it should be investigated. Remember the Rocs. It is best done alone, you have lost so many. Yes, only ‘alone’ you can survive what dangers may lay ahead.” “I need to know of the threats ahead! This is nothing.”

“Ignore her, you must wait for your brother. Another sad sacrifice to the great riddle. Ignore her knockings. You alone must wait for what comes.” “I asked of what game your blood is playing at.”

“The little old man may be wise, but you are not afraid to die to protect your charge. Your honor and duty demands you to go forth. The little old man is not a samurai and does not understand what must be done.” “I need to know of victories, not this ….”

“There are too many, even for you. There is only one recourse, they shall share your grave. Call upon your mother to end then all, with you. She must listen to her bravest of children.” “I understand… it all makes sense. I see it all now. It was nothing all along.”

Mad Scrawlings in the Blood of a God

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