Bare Foot Village

This village was built in ages past, and once had a number of finely coveted rice fields. This was until the volcano erupted and its lands were destroyed. It was thought that the greed of the peasantry had angered the kami, and reminded them of the sins of a worldly man. Since that time, the village recovered and became very humble. Their rice paddies fields are well tended to and the peasantry lives in near poverty giving their extra fortunes to the Brotherhood of Shinsei.

  • Mirumoto Yoku’s Unit’s passed through this area, saying that the village and its lands seems to be in order. They only noted this, because it was an island of normalcy in a provenance filled with so much disharmony.
  • It is discovered that Shittai, a bandit leader who wished to remain in the area and feed his men, took hostage of all of the town’s children. When Hoshi Ryojiro confronted the ronin, he felt compassion for the man and offered him to become a vessel family of the Hoshi. Their duty was to go to the Wall and aid the Crab against the Shadowlands. The family is named the Shittai, and the new founder of the family was driven to tears of joy for having a purpose again. He admitted he had a disturbing series of dreams where he had forgotten his name and purpose, and even once dreamt he had lost his face.
  • Lord Kitsuki Haji is removed from his position and joins the newly formed vassal family , the Shittai for his disgrace of allowing his own heir to be captured by the ronin leader. His wife, Kitsuki Kitu takes over leadership of her son’s estates until his coming of age.
  • Lady Kitsuki Kitu and Lady Murimoto Fumeiyo both send word to their lord, asking to have the honor of building the largest shrine in the Empire dedicated to The Fortune of Honest Work, Ebisu.


  • Lady Kitsuki Kitu, rules from the minor holding of Halls of Ashen Promises.
  • Lady Murimoto Fumeiyo, rules from the potent stronghold of Legacy of Ash.

Bare Foot Village

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