Tonbo Suzume


What clan does your character belong to?

What family does your character belong to?

Is your character a bushi, a shugenja, or a courtier?
Shugenja and a courtier

How would others describe your characters appearance?
Well groomed and dressed. She does her utmost to be presentable but also not threatening. She tends to rely more o. Her wit and. Hairs a to get her through a social situation than her appearance.

What is your characters primary motivation?
main ting honor, making sure her brother becomes an honorable bushi, and keeping the lying darkness out of dragon lands.

Who is the person your character trusts the most in the world?
I would say there are two people that she trust at the moment. Her old teacher and Ikoma Kiobito, though she is hesitant there because none of the stories of love have ever turned out good.

What is your characters greatest strength and weakness?
Her greates strength is her memory for things. Her compassion is her weakness since she doesn’t ever want to kill or harm anyone.

What does your character think of Bushido?
She follows Bushido believes in courtesy the most. Though as a shugenja she understands that not everything is covered by Bushido.

What is your character opinion of her clan?
She believes very strongly in her clan and their duty to the dragon and the empire. She is more of a pacifist in nature Nd is worried about her brothers outbursts.

Is your character married?

Does your character have any prejudices?
No. She lost a lot of her prejudice by her friendship with Kiobito. Other than that she has her normal trained prejudice. Though as a courtier she understands that those can all be part of the game.

To whom does your character owe the most loyalty?
Her lord, the the governor pats character

What are your characters favorite and least favorite things?
She enjoys courtier word games as well as dealing with the spirits. She likes there to be an order to things even if that order is undefinable.
She dislikes combat and combat training. Dislikes conflict and the chaos it causes

Does your character have any recurring mannerisms?
No most of them where trained out of her by the dragonfly.

What about your characters emotions?
Compassion. The easiest emotion to hide would be anger.

How would your character handle a subordinates improper behavior?
She will always try to correct the behavior, though the punishment would more than likely be semi public.

How would your characters parents describe him?
Well since they are both “dead” her main goal for them is to eventually but them to rest. And they would want to have her silenced and Jill in the lying darkness.

What is your characters highest ambition?
To hold a winter court.

How religious is your character?
She is more practical than the need for religion though understands that they have a place under heaven and therefor deserve respect. As a shugenja you can’t not believe in them to some extent since they believe in you.

How will your character die?
She hopefully wants to live to an old age. She is very afraid that she will die like her parents.

Tonbo Suzume

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