Togashi Mitsu

Dragon Clan Hero (6/7)


Almost all of Mitsu’s body is covered in tattoos, and he shows off these tattoos by only wearing leggings and sandals. He is quite tall, standing almost six feet, completely bald and heavily scarred on his face from years of close calls fighting swordsmen. He never carries any weapons, relying upon the powers of his tattoos should it come to a fight. He is almost always seen with a smile on his face. He can talk to anyone about anything, be it peasants about rice crops or an Utaku about her saddle. The only matter he is ever shy about is himself.


Mitsu was a fun-loving and carefree monk who frequently wandered Rokugan helping those in need and dispensing justice as needed. There are many tales of Mitsu’s exploits, including defending villages from ogres, catching Scorpion attempting to blackmail honest daimyo and leaping off a mountain to impress a Phoenix shugenja. He traveled the Empire for over ten years, appearing in small villages or the courts of nobles, acting the tattooed jester. He would make friends with those who displayed a noble nature, regardless of status. In his prime, Mitsu was one of the most recognizable Ize Zumi to ever live as he did not choose the standard path of seclusion and meditation. The Naga called him the “Firebreather”

Some would go as far as to say that Mitsu was just another thrill seeker. In truth he never undertook any course of action without having carefully weighed the potential outcome first. He saw the mountain jumps near Kyuden Togashi as a way of relaxation. He could occasionally be seen flirting with geisha, going hungry at great feasts and drinking sour tea during sake festivals. When asked why he would torture himself so he would merely say that he found it as exhilarating as jumping off a cliff.

Mitsu made several pilgrimages through the lands of the Emerald Empire. One of them was in 1123, as emissary of his Lord Togashi Yokuni. His most recent ‘stunts’ involves his mastery of acting, which had allowed him to impersonate peasants, nobles, and even his own Champion.

When news arrived of the Scorpion Coup, Mitsu moved with the Mirumoto Elite force that joined the combined forces of the Great Clans at Otosan Uchi in the fourth day of the Coup.

During the Clan War, Togashi Yokuni sent Mitsu and Mirumoto Daini to meet Toturi the Black as ambassadors of the Dragon. Daini disliked the task, because he saw Toturi as a man without honor, while Mitsu believed to meet Toturi as an equal was great indeed. Mitsu was a staunch ally of the ronin Toturi. Mitsu, along with many other members of the Dragon Clan, joined Toturi’s Army before the Battle of Beiden Pass and fought with the Black Lion throughout the war. He never held any rank in the army and came and went as he pleased. His service to Toturi however, was considered invaluable.

  • Mitsu arrives in Toi Koku, and informs Hoshi Ryojiro that Mirumoto Hitomi sent him on a mission to speak with his ambassadors. He also has noticed how Togahsi Kokujin has grown so close to not only the Thunder but to lord Hoshi as well. He does not like or trust the man, but does as he is bid.

Togashi Mitsu

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