Togashi Hoshi

The Dragon Clan Champion


Togashi Hoshi is a large man, even for Rokugani standards, standing an impressive 6’7". He wears fine kimono’s, and keeps long side burns down the side of his face. Tattoos done in red and black spiral about his arms. Tattoos of scales cover his back and neck. Those within his presence often feel a deep sense of tranquility.


Togashi Hoshi spent the vast majority of his very long life in seclusion. He would only appear when he was required and during great moments of tension within the Dragon Clan. He is the first and only child of Togashi Kami.

When the Clan Wars ended with the Second Day of Thunder, Togashi Kami was dead and Murimoto Hitomi disappeared into obscurity, the Dragon were without leadership. The Clan turned to the Togashi, and after much discussion, Togashi Hoshi was offered the position of Clan Champion. Hoshi took the leadership of the Dragon, gladly, but said, “I shall rule until the time for me to pass the mantle of leadership to the more worthy.”

Since his rise to power, a number of Togashi have changed their name to Hoshi, or completed their gemukku and taken Hoshi’s name as their family name. Although this has caused some confusion within the Clan, the Order of Togashi has adapted and accepted this change. Now where once, there was one order, there are two.

Since that time, some five months ago, Togashi Hoshi has withdrawn the Dragon into their mountains once more. This actions has caused many of the Dragon who had started to grow comfortable with the vices of the world to be frustrated, but they complied to their Lord’s orders. As the Dragon settle back into their fortresses and villages, they find that their absence the last three years has caused a number of unbalances, and the Dragon busy themselves with restoring harmony to their lands once more. Something Togashi Hoshi very much desires.

To help with this restoration, Togashi Hoshi and the heads of each family shall tour the Dragon Lands, and take stock of what has been lost, changed and remains the same. Such a tour is typically only done once at the start of each Clan Champion’s rise to power (as Togashi Kami did every generation when he changed his name).

Togashi Hoshi

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