Abbot Takao

Abbot of the Brotherhood of Shinsei


He is man who has the body of a trained martial artist and keeping his head shaved. He could easily be mistaken for a Dragon Monk, given the light tattoos across his body and the fact that he wears clothing which shows off his physical attributes. He was well known for wearing his trademark jingasa.


As a baby he was found on the door step of the Abby being guarded by a Crow.

Some years later, the Master of Air, Isawa Eju, was visiting the temple and Takao met him. The two spent many hours talking, and the Master was surprised at the questions that Takao asked. Eju took the young boy to the Council of Five and started to teach him about the Fortunes and the kami, especially spirits of air. They traveled across the Phoenix lands, and even other lands until Master Eju’s presence was requested in Otosan Uchi. Eju answered the request, and Takao travelled with him to the capital. While there, Eju was stricken with illness and eventually succumbed to it and died.

Following the serious illness of Eju, Takao was alone until he entered under the guidance and protection of Asako Ochiyo, a monk and the governor of the Ochiyo district of Otosan Uchi. Only one year later Takao had risen to the rank of hatamoto of the the Ochiyo district, and the youngest hatamoto throughout the capital at that. Takao held this position until the Scorpion Coup in 1123 when he valiantly attempted to prevent the slaughter of the monks in the city, but his efforts were futile. Following the coup he remained the hatamoto of that district for five more years until the Second Day of Thunder.

Prior to the Scorpion Coup Ochiyo sequestered himself within a warehouse he acquired, secretly working on a statue of Lady Amaterasu. During the Coup Takao did his best to put an end to the fighting, but after the fight was over, Ochiyo was deposed by the new Emperor Hantei XXXIX. Takao, disregarded as a young child, was passed over by Seppun Mojiki, who was appointed as governor of the newly named Mojiki district. Takao remained as the district hatamoto. His former Lord Ochiyou emerged in 1124 from his workshop, his masterpiece complete, which was placed in the Temple of the Sun Goddess.

Takao worked alongside Suana in training the Unicorn’s army of farmers who fought on the Second Day of Thunder.

After the death of Abbot Tetsuya in the Second Day of Thunder in 1128, Takao became the new leader of the Brotherhood in 1129.

He had a long discussion with the Hooded Ronin, and a Second Tao was written from that conversation.

Abbot Takao

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