Otomo Banu

Claimer of the Throne


Banu is an effete man, with soft features. He wears the green and black of the imperials and wears only the finest of silks. His attendants were all stand-offish and young men.

  • Banu had once been so moved by a play at the Silken Smile Theater that he could not stand to see its destruction. He used his influence to save the playhouse in the aftermath of the Scorpion Coup.
  • In 1125 the Emperor Hantei XXXIX was sick by a plague and Banu implied to anyone who would listen that he might be the next Hantei Emperor, supported by his political ties with the Phoenix and the Unicorn. He even attempted to cement his power ending the Lion-Crane War, which would gain him a reputation in court for cleverness. Banu decreed that whichever clan could return to him the long-missing Goseki’s Daisho, the swords which were presented to Matsu Goseki upon the founding of his family, would be declared the rightful owner of the contested city of Toshi Ranbo for five years. This was well outside Banu’s authority to grant but he is a presumptuous and arrogant man.
  • When the Emerald Champion fell to poison in 1129, he took charge briefly of the Imperial Court. Made his intentions known that once the Askao and Kitsu families recognize his claim on the Throne, he will help maintain the much needed peace for the Empire. The Crane and Phoenix seem to have started listening to him a bit more seriously.

Otomo Banu

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