Naka Kuro

Grand Master of the Elements


A wizened old man who’s very presence thrums with power, yet is a calming serenity in a world of chaos.


Kuro was the youngest Phoenix ever offered a position on the Elemental Council, when he was a young man. He turned the position down saying, “I cannot lead or teach until I have finished learning.”

By the time he was in his 20’s he had mastered all the Phoenix had to offer him. He then left the Clan, knowing they had nothing left to teach him, and became a ronin. During that time, he took on many students and learned much. Within a few years he was acknowledge by the heavens when the Dragon of Air came down and declaired him Naka, or the Grand Elememtal Master of the Elements.

After the Clan Wars his former clan was reduced to ashes. Needing to aid in its preservation he swore fealty to Shiba Tsukune, and advised her to open the Phoenix Shugenja school to all who wished to learn magic, including ronin. He has been looking upon the students he now trains, some suspect, to find those worthy of becoming Elemental Masters for the new Isawa Council.

Naka Kuro

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