Mirumoto Daini

Daimyo of the Mirumoto


Daini is a tall, handsome man. He moves with the grace and balance expected of a courtier, and his eyes glitter with self-confidence. He dresses in a ceremonial kimono for court occasions. In battle, on the rare occasions he has seen combat, he wears an ornate armour more notable for its appearance than it’s function.


Growing up in the shadow of so many great samurai caused the young man to reach out to the Imperial Courts. There, the handsome Daini excelled, and trained very closely with the Kitsuki.

During his time in the courts he was a major mover of the Dragon, and came to be known as a very skilled duelist. He often was found in the company of the later Thunders of the Crane and Lion.

In fact he often talks of the time that Akodo Toturi spoke with him and opened his eyes of the court and that of combat where the same. He trained beside Toturi’s pupil, Ikoma Tsunari for a year while the Lion Champion and Thunder imparted his knowledge.

During the Scorpion Coup he first saw combat. He handled himself well and gained much glory. But when his hero Toturi was cast out, he turned his back on his master.

During the Clan Wars, Daini was tasked to aid Toturi’s armies, even though he openly showed his disdain to serve beside someone of such low honor. In time, he came to apologize for his rash words and came to respect his fallen mentor all the more.

As he served the Dragon in the Clab Wars, Daini used his courtly skills to forge an alliance with the Naga, and ushered them into the Empire. With his new allies, Daini would fight against the Crab, the False Hoturi, Yogo Junzo and his horde and later was in the Capital along side the Naga as their new Champion rose to replace their fallen hero.

For a time during the Clan Wars, he had briefly served as the Daimyo of the Mirumoto, when his sister Hitomi was thought dead. However, an ambitious cousin of his usurped his position. Later his cousin would be slain by his sister for his crimes.

Since the ending of the Clan Wars, Daini has once more been given the position of Daimyo of the Mirumoto, as his sister has given up the position. He has taken the post with all the splendor and grandeur one would expect. At long last, he stands outside of the shadow of his siblings and has a name of his own.

Mirumoto Daini

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