Hitomi Akuai

First of the Kikage Zumi


A slight man, often seen only in heavy armor which doesn’t seem to impede him as much as it would others. He is a perceptive man, his eyes always scanning for threats.


Later he would shave his head and adopt the clothing styles of a Dragon Monk with golden tattoos about his slight form.


A bushi from a poor family, who rose up through the ranks due to excellent performance during the Scorpion Coup and the Clan Wars. With the wars over, he is now the head of Shiro Mirumoto’s security, a glorious position indeed.

He was the first to swear fealty to Mirumoto Hitomi, and was the first of her Hitomi monks, the Kikage Zumi.

After his appointment, he climbed the mountain and has not been seen since.

Hitomi Akuai

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